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Outstanding printing turnkey services managed by a team of experienced staff.

We, SHOP FIRE BRAND, is a premier entertainment merchandiser dedicated to creating premium in-house merch design, printing and promoting services. No matter what kind of merch you choose to target your fan audience, we can help consider which products might skyrocket in buying as well as build the right marketing strategy being a trustful merch marketplace and a reliable print-on-demand partner.

With strong attention to promotional methods and a professional approach we work with integrity to encourage your audience by showcasing and selling your brand merch in a turnkey way. We do our best to exceed our customers’ expectations providing great quality and an array of customization options for your business.



SHOP FIRE BRAND is an award-winning production house featuring a flexible platform for all your printing merchandise needs and offering competitive prices and consistent quality as well. We design, develop, print, warehouse and sell a wide variety of premium-quality merchandise apparel, all from a single platform. A full service screen print platform provides ultimate custom branded merch products, completed in-house, printed and shipped on demand, to satisfy your wishes and needs.

We never fail the deadlines as well.

Our team consists of highly skilled designers to help you on every step of the way. From printing the custom-tailored and corporate apparel via creatively-driven philosophy and fulfilling the orders, we control the whole process to reach customers everywhere.



20+ years experience in full-service merchandise production, running strictly on schedule, full package screenprinting.

SHOP FIRE BRAND offers full service screen printing, wash fastness, embroidery and labeling, print enhancement services being a white-label partner. Equipped with 1 manual press and 3 automatic presses, all in-house for full control, we can fulfill orders automatically with excellent printability and without breaking the deadlines.

  • screen printing with foils and metallic inks
  • phosphorescent (glow-in-dark) screen printing
  • heat transfer and sublimation
  • custom 3-D Puff additive screen printing
  • Pantone Matching Color System
  • High Gloss and High Density Screen Printing Wilflex
  • Non-phthalate plastisol ink screen printing
  • custom all-over-print apparel


Tampography, or Pad Printing, is another excellent option to transfer your image on unusual shapes or surfaces, including Metal, Plastic, Wood or Glass, with almost photographic accuracy. From printing on ceramic pottery to promotional products printing (like mugs, pens, stress balls), we have covered it all.

  • we cover print upwards of 2000 prints per hour on average
  • Pearlescent effects, pantone colors and high-end metallics are also available
  • single color pad printing with pneumatic pad printing machine
  • EMI/RFI Shielding
  • Images handled up to 4.5in tall and sizes up to 3.2in, larger sizes are possible
  • Flame treating


Our passionate marketing & merch-selling team delivers truly working, successful solutions along with a bundle of best tools and strategies for selling your merch in a turnkey way. We can help you design an engaging brand narrative, deliver ultimate printing fulfillment and offer efficient promo selling campaigns.

  • digital design producing
  • audience-targeted brand identity
  • in-depth marketing knowledge
  • creating your merch strategy
  • being a trustful print-on-demand partner
  • fan-base promotional tools to showcase your products

Over 50 satisfied clients

  • Thanks to SHOPFIREBRAND and its crew for your professionalism! Your customer service is awesome, you pay attention to detail, and print jobs are done in a timely manner. Awesome work, dudes!
  • We have been trusting SHOPFIREBRAND to print and produce our merch for 5 years, and they never disappoint. Excellent tech support, and we are happy to deal with them!